Ẩm thực – This Gear Will Have You Praying for Rain

Gray, rainy weather typically bricks your chances of looking your best, whether you’re heading into work or just trying to stay dry on a Saturday. Until 2019, that is, when designers used their powers for good and made rainwear look a lot less juvenile. They managed this impossible task by making the act of repelling rain look either tough and rugged, hardcore even, or just darn fun. It’s a lie that serves your style supremely well. Boots have thicker treaded soles, jackets are bright, bigger, and longer with extra pockets, and you’re meant to top the whole thing off with a casual waterproof balaclava. Because struggling to open your 75% not-broken deli umbrella is the old you! Toss that thing in the trash and suit up in these souped up water-resistant buys instead. You won’t wish for spring for a second.

Rain gear


Full link: https://www.gq.com/gallery/rain-gear-for-spring?utm_source=nl&utm_brand=gq&utm_mailing=gq_daily_032119&utm_medium=email&bxid=5c5cba14283d8e788b2c6f8c&user_id=56356405&hasha=b357a3f7d7c5d1ec57c25e9b6231f8b6&hashb=aeff271f8ff4a7fd8fe495e655c0eb7b5e4fe7ac&hashc=1f8ce695fd760fb4d65e389189e83ccceb06e601bec24bb9c826250bee570416&esrc=bounceX&utm_campaign=gq_daily_032119&utm_term=GQ_Daily_Active

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